Tristate Cardiovascular Associates

Tristate Cardiovascular Associates is a team of world class cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and other professional staff who have a mission to bring cutting edge cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment to Nigeria. Our staff have been trained in the best cardiovascular centers around the world and have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac conditions.


If you have symptoms such as : Blue Extremities at Rest or During Exercise, Calf Pain While Walking, Chest Pain, Difficulty in Breathing, Easy Tiredness, Fainting Especially During Exercise, Palpitations, Swollen Legs and/or Abdomen, etc., contact us immediately.


Our hospitals are equipped with state of the art equipment that aid quick and proper diagnosis and treatment of different heart conditions.


Death rate resulting from heart related conditions is on the rise. Most of these deaths can be avoided with proactive intervention and proper diagnosis.


Our team is composed of both local and international experts who specialize in different aspects of cardiac interventions.


It is now old fashioned and economical waste to travel abroad for heart surgery now that we have Tristate Cardiovascular Institute with us in Nigeria.
Afe AderinolaPatient
I never knew the back pains I've been feeling over the years is connected to my heart.  I now live pain-free.  Thank you  Tristate Cardiovascular Institute for saving my life.
Adeleye JonahPatient

Doctors can provide referrals and patients can reach out to us directly

We are available 24/7

At Tristate Cardiovascular Associates, it is our priority to ensure that you get the best care possible.  You will benefit from the wealth of knowledge and service experience from our diverse team of experts who are well trained, and have worked both locally and internationally.  We make bold to say that you will receive  quality care that makes traveling abroad for heart and cardiac care  unnecessary.