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The adult advanced cardiac surgery fellowship program centers on instruction and training in the necessary specialized surgical skills required for treating patients with cardiovascular system diseases.

Prior to fellowship, candidates must have completed a two-year cardiothoracic surgery residency. Learning objectives of the cardiac surgery fellowship program include:

  • Mastering surgical techniques for the entire spectrum of acquired cardiovascular diseases, such as:
    • Coronary bypass grafting
    • Valve repair and replacement
    • Treatment of pericardial disease
    • Extensive use of arterial conduit
    • Minimally invasive endoscopic techniques for conduit harvesting and revascularization
  • Mastering full responsibility for surgical planning, including:
    • Assimilation of pre-operative assessment
    • Invasive studies
  • Mastering full responsibility for performing the surgical procedure
  • Competently assessing the indications for cardiovascular surgery based on available scientific evidence
  • Effective management and operation of an outpatient cardiac surgery clinic with nursing practitioners
  • Mastering principles of cardiopulmonary bypass, including running the pump
Cardiac Surgery Fellowship Programs

Program Director

Professor Paul K. Davis

Dr Joseph Sanusi


Fellowship Duration


3 Years
Number of positions


Training Background Accepted


Adult cardiology + formal ACHD training OR Med/peds combined training + formal ACHD training OR Med/peds or Pediatric cardiology + formal pediatric
Anticipated Date of Application December 01, 2016


How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit application to

Contact us to learn more about application requirements, fees, and other details.

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